Answers to Frequently Asked Questions…

Together we will answer these questions. We will put forward the best of the best and show what works. We will make these blueprints available to everyone and strive to improve upon the methods. We will show how individuals, teams and publishers can work together.

Sharing Comics

  • How do I make money with my comics?

  • How do I become famous making comics?

  • How do I get published?

  • How do I publish my own comics?

  • How do I share my comics on the web?

  • What’s all this I hear about digital comics?

Making Comics

  • How do I make comics?

  • How to write a script?

  • Editing? What’s that?

  • What size (formats) do I use? What kind of paper?

  • How do I fit the story into panels on pages?

  • What tools work best?

  • Penciling, Inking, shading and toning?

  • How do I color my comics?

  • How to add word balloons, lettering, sound effects?

  • How do I scan my art? How do I upload it to the web?

  • How do I print my comics?

What else do you want to know? Please leave your comments. These will only be "an answer" because there are many ways to make and share comics.