Well 2012 is nearly here and already the big publishers have got their full line up for Free Comic Book Day coming up Saturday May, 5th 2012. This got me thinking, what’s stopping us Indie Comics makers from promoting our books?

If we got together and each submitted 4 to 8 pages each, then grouped the pages by genre. We could print our own books and give them away at local comic book shops. Each creator could pitch in and share the cost. If four makers contributed 6 pages and cover, you’d could sell 2 full page ads from other indie comic book makers plus the back page. That makes a 28 page book.

Collaborate together to create an anthology. Share the cost of printing. Sell ads for other Indie Comic Books of a similar genre.

If you targeted the comic book shops just in your area. This could really open the doors for you to get your books on their shelves. Especially if customers came back asking for your works.

I’m sure there are some pros and cons to this approach. I’d welcome your comments.