Digital Publishing and Distribution

By Ted Bergeron ⋅ March 21, 2012 ⋅ Post a comment

I’m very interested in this topic but I think it’s confusing because you have

  • "Printing" aspect; Digital formatting of your book to work on various e-readers, tablets, laptops and phones. I think this conversion process could be compared to a printing company creating a book. I’ve dabbled with this creating .pdf, ePUB and Kindle formats, but I haven’t really tested on anything other than my laptop. My point is it can be done with time, talent, and a computer.

  • Distribution… that is tricky. It would be great if once you had all your digital formats (files and apps) you could ship these off the "comic book stores". But in reality you have to get into the proprietary distribution pipelines like Amazon Kindle or Apple iTunes, Graphicly, Comixology, Diamond Digital …

  • Sales… Generally speaking you could sell your own digital comics off your own website with a simple PayPal button and attach a PDF file and e-mail the customer. I don’t know if you can even get a Kindle book or iTunes app without going through their pipeline?

I’m keeping an eye on this new store front:

We Need an Open, Universal Format

From an indie perspective, I’d like to see us all agree on a universal open format (like ePUB or is there something better?) that works on almost most every electronic device and forget the color tablet wars that are competing for consumers.

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